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Grades 2-12 | Language Arts | Cloud-based

One Reading Tool for the Whole School, Customized by Level and Subject!

Ponder is the first "micro-response" tool for education! It gives teachers a view into the "invisible" process of learning through higher-order critical thinking.

What is Ponder?

Ponder is a browser add-on and iOS app. Once installed, Ponder allows you to create micro-responses anywhere on the web (on text and video) and measures reading activity on sites listed in the Class Reading List.

A Micro-Response Consists of 3 Parts:

  • Extraction. While you read or watch a video, you can highlight words, phrases, sentences or mark a spot in the video that provokes a response in you.
  • A sentiment. For each selection, you are asked to choose from a range of reactions. Some are for registering confusion, while others are for evaluating claims or staking out emotional ground.
  • Themes. Readers select from a set of themes defined by you, the teacher, tying what they're reading to specific concepts from the curriculum.

Sentiments & Themes:

  • Every micro-response must be tagged with a sentiment. They come in 3 flavors: Understand, Evaluate, and React which are aggregated and visualized. You can elaborate, but first, you must choose the one that most closely matches what you're thinking.
  • Ponder sentiments are available in Spanish, Gaelic, Rwandan and soon in Arabic!

Ponder encourages students to read for the sake of enjoyment and pushes them to think critically by way of asking them to get specific about what they think and how they feel.

  • Web-based software
  • Anywhere, anytime access.
  • Licensed on an annual subscription basis and can be purchased on a per student or per classroom basis.
  • Affordable licensing options for schools and district-wide use, giving your students and staff unlimited, password-protected access to the program.
  • Ask your Curriculum Adviser about volume pricing!
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